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Friday, 26 August 2011

What is an MOT

The MOT test checks whether your vehicle meets the minimum legal requirements for the items required to be tested under section 45 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. It does not tell you how long your vehicle will continue to meet these minimum requirements. Therefore, you may still be prosecuted for driving an unroadworthy vehicle before the end of the current test certificate. You should continue to maintain your vehicle to ensure that it will always pass an MOT.
The advisory notice that you may receive with the pass or fail sheet are either testable items that may soon need attention or items that are not part of the test which also may need attention or any peculiarity of the vehicle. You may need expert advice, even though that a MOT test certificate has been issued you may still be liable for prosecution or invalidate your insurance.
Chek out this information and it will help your car through the MOT on a few of all of the technicalities that can result in a fail rather than a pass. Our aim is to keep you safe and on the road for longer at an affordable price for many years to come.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Speed Rating on Tyres

Tyre speed ratings and up to (maximum) speeds that the car is capable, not necessarily how fast that you drive.
S 112mph
T 118mph
H 130mph
V 149mph
W 168mph
Y 186mph
ZR 149mph
Fitting tyres with a speed index lower to one of the original tyres or that the manufacture recommends is not allowed, and can invalidate your car insurance. Fitting a V rated to a vehicle that should have a W rated. However it is acceptable to tyres with a higher speed index. You can put a V rated tyre on a vehicle that should have a H.
Quick guide.
Engine size.
900cc - 1499cc T rated, 1500cc - 1799cc H rated, 1800cc - 2199cc V rated, 2200cc - 2499cc W/Z rated, 2500cc + Y rated
The engines torque has an impact on the speed rating and this will need to be taken in to consideration. It is always advisable to check your tyres or handbook.

Tyre Sizes Explained

Tyre Size
The most efficient way to find out your car's tyre size is to go outside to the vehicle and check it yourself. The tyre's size will be imprinted clearly on the sidewall.
The tyre size is made up of 4 numbers and 1 letter indicating the speed rating.

205 is the width of the tyre measured in millimetres.
65 is the profile measured as a percentage of the width.
65% of 205mm
16 is the wheel diameter measured in inches
95 indicates the load rating of the tyre important for
Large cars and 4x4’s

Which are the Best Tyres to Buy

If you’re serious about driving, then tyres should be a considered choice, not a distress purchase based mainly on price. Every dynamic characteristic of your car, from its quality of its steering feel to its ultimate cornering grip, depends on its tyres.  It really does pay to fit the best that you can afford.