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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Buying Part worn Tyres and Car Tyre Safety

Buying Part worn Tyres and Car Tyre Safety

To keep your vehicle safe when it is time to buy car tyres, this is something that you should think about. Buying part worn tyres from a vehicle recyclers could be putting your life and the lives of your family at risk.

Part worn tyres are tyres that have been previously used, some tyre dealers remove tyres from a car and fit new tyres and the tyres that were removed as long as they have more than 2mm of tread, put into a pile to re-sell on as a partworn tyre, unknown to them the life the tyre has endured.

Buying Part worn Tyres and Car Tyre Safety Explained

This wheel and tyre was in an accident, as you can see from the image it has had a heavy impact to the wheel and tyre, the vehicle was written off causing major damage to the drivers side front. The bumper, offside front wing, bonnet, shock absorber, brake pipe and wheel was damaged.

As you can see from the picture the wheel has a large crack and a piece of the alloy wheel missing, but the tyre is inflated and only a minor bulge is showing and this is only where the part of the wheel is missing. If the tyre were inflated to the highest pressure on a good wheel then this tyre would show no signs of bulging.

Broken alloy wheel and car tyre
Broken Alloy Wheel but is the tyre safe.
This is a premium brand tyre with 5mm of tread and once deflated would show no signs of sidewall damage. If you were to Buy this part worn tyre from a vehicle recyclers it would be sold for £25.00. A cheap car tyre, unless you know where it came from.

Are Part Used Tyres Safe?

The sale of part used / worn tyres is controlled by The Motor Vehicle Tyres Regulations 1994 act, which is part of the Consumer Protection Act . Check it out.

Like everything you buy used, there is always an element of risk buying something that is not new. Many people commented that Buying Part Worn tyres are not safe, that they should not be allowed to be sold, but what about used cars? When you buy a used car, they have tyres on that have been used?

Used cars have used tyres and unless you buy from a reputable dealer your not going to know the history of the tyres and if they have been in an accident or not, but you are unlikely to be buying your car from a vehicle recyclers, where this is more likely to happen.

When buying car tyres take the guess work out and the remove the element of risk. Always buy new, a quality budget tyre will keep the pricing down and ensure you are fully safe.

Buying Part worn Tyres and Car Tyre Safety