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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Car MOT and its changes

From 20th March 2013 The new vehicle test components in accordance with the new EU Directive will become effective.
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If your vehicle is suffering from any of these issues
  • The steering lock is now part of the test,
  • The main beam tell tale warning light must illuminate when the main beam is selected.
  • The car battery will be inspected for security and leaks.
  • All visible electrical wiring and connectors will be inspected for any damage
  • Engine and gearbox mountings are to be assessed for excessive movemen
  • Coil spring with broken tangs, ( the last bit of the coil) will now result in a failure.
  • A tow bar electrical socket will be checks for damage and security and all lights will be checked using an apporved trailer socket tester
  • Headlamps fitted with LED or HID (high definition) bulbs
  • Illumination of the malfunction indicator light (MIL),
If any of the following MIL systems are illuminated, this will result in a fail:-
  • Electronic power steering
  • Electronic stability control (traction control)
  • Electronic parking brake control
  • Brake fluid warning lamp
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system obviously inoperative
  • Supplementary restraint systems (SRS) i.e. airbag light
The vehicle can be presented for an MOT test upto 30 days before the current one expires, check your current certificate for the exact date.
You have until Tuesday March 19th to get your vehicle tested under the old rules.
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