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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres are tyres that can be driven on without air. Having a puncture on the motorway and having to pull over on to the hard shoulder waiting for a recovery vehicle can become a safety issue. Run Flat Tyres RFT over comes this problem with a special inner reinforcement to the sidewall of the tyre which allows it to be driven on flat at a reduced speed of 50mph for a maximum distance of 50 miles, allowing you the chance to find a garage or a safe place to stop. The on board computer in your car alerts you that there is a problem with the tyre pressures allowing you time to check them out.

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  1. This is obviously the much safer option for drivers when taking into consideration their personal and financial safety. I recently got a new car, and I thought that run flat tyres would be an easy choice considering how much I'd have to pay to have the car itself repaired in an accident.