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Sunday, 25 September 2011

How to understand Off Road Tyre Abreviations

With so many different kind of tyres that are out there it can be difficullt to know what they all mean.
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At - all terrain 60/40 highway/off road
ht - high way terrainfor the general suv
mt - mud terrain serious off roading
st - sure trac made by cooper at/mud
hp - high performance 95% on road
m&s - mud & snowy
owl - outside  white lettering
brl - black raised lettering
str - all seasons  all terrain from pirelli
uhp - ultra high performance conti
oe - original equipment , out the factory
d sport duella bridestone highway terrain suv
cross contact all terrain conti light off road
uniroyal have a street pattern  - highway terrain

Please leave comments if you think I have missed any. for further information for everyone.

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