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Monday, 10 October 2011

Balancing a Wheel

 Why should you balance your car wheels

A tyre is an exceptional piece of equipment and is made to an extremely high standard but.....

...the tyre and wheel needs to be match so that you don’t feel any vibrations through the car, this is resolved by wheel balancing.  Small pieces of metal are used that clip on to steel wheels or self adhesive weights which stick on to alloy wheels. To balance the wheel and tyre an electronic computerised balancer is used, which spins the wheel and tyre and tells the user how much weight to put on and where to put it.

Even if you don’t feel any vibration it is still worth getting  them balanced as tiny vibrations can be absorbed through the steering and suspension joints, which can lead to premature failure. However depends on what you use your vehicle for you might not need to balance the rear wheels, if you have a work van that is used on construction sites most of the time. Or if you use your vehicle off road then your wheel balance will be out by the time you have finished.

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