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Thursday, 27 October 2011


Winter tyres are not just for driving in snow and slush that happens to fall on the road, winter tyres are designed for temperatures below 7 degrees celcius. Summer tyres become stiff when down to these temperatures and do not flex  in the contours of the road, resulting in less grip. 

If you’re serious about driving, tyres should be a considered choice, not a distressed purchase based mainly on price. Every dynamic characteristic of your car, from its quality of its steering feel to its ultimate cornering grip, depends on its tyres. It really does pay to fit the best that you can afford. The great thing with winter tyres is that you usually get 2 seasons out of them. Having an extra set of tyres does not mean twice the expense, because while your driving safely around on your winter tyres, your summer tyres are not getting worn and will give you 2-3 summer seasons depending on your mileage. If cost is an issue, what about the cost of getting snowed in and taking a day or 2 off work or having an accident and having to pay your insurance excess. 

When driving in the winter with snow and ice on the roads, the last thing you want to be worrying about is if your tyres are going to grip as well as you are used to.
If you need your vehicle all year round then you need winter tyres to keep you mobile all year round.

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