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Friday, 22 February 2013

Do you know how important tyre pressures are?

Driving with the incorrect pressures can result in tyre failure. This can be dangerous; at high speeds you can lose control of the vehicle. Incorrect pressures can also dramatically increase your braking/stopping distance.

Low tyre pressure increases fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and contribute to tyre safety. Tyres under inflated by 15psi, have increased rolling resistance leading to around 6% greater fuel consumption.

A car that normally averages 40mpg, would only get 37.6mpg with the
tyres under inflated.


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A correctly inflated tyre improves the safety of your vehicle, is more economical to use and is better for the environment. Find out the correct tyre pressures by looking in your hand book, fuel cap cover or front door panel, remembering to check the size of the tyre for comparison on the chart. Also a
lot of vehicles have different tyre pressures from front to rear, so check carefully.
It is recommended that you check your tyre pressures once a week, but, you should definitely check them once a month. Also before a long journey or towing as adjustments will need to be made.

Even if tyres are inflated with nitrogen, the pressures and overall tyre condition must still be checked

Always check your tyre pressures when the tyres are cold, which have not yet been used in the last two hours or have covered less than two miles at low speed. If tyres are hot when they are checked add 4-5 psi to the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, Re-Check the pressures when the tyres are cold.

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