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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The 4 essential steps to checking your tyres.

Looking after your tyres is ultimately what is going to keep you on the road and safe.
Many factors need to be taken into account before you are fully safe on the road.
The 4 essential steps to checking your tyres
  • Correct Pressures
  • Tread Wear
  • Age of tyre (perishing on sidewalls)
  • External damage (cuts or bulges)
These all need to be checked weekly or if you feel anything unusual or have an accident causing to skid, hit your tyre or drive over glass.

As the only point of contact between your car and the road is your tyres, the tyres play a critical role in keeping you safe.
You rely on your tyres for acceleration, steering and cornering, making it essential that they are properly cared for and regularly examined.

Poorly maintained tyres reduce performance and compromises

You should check your tyres condition as often as you check the pressure. If you park with the steering turned on full lock you will see more of your tyres.

Tread depth, most new tyres have a tread depth indicator built into them between the main grooves. When the tread gets down to these bars then the tyres need replacing.
Damage, look for any deep cuts, bulges, cracks or excessive wear.

It is illegal to drive with badly damaged tyres.

If you’re unsure about damaged tyres call into your local garage and they will give you free advice.

Driving on poorly maintained tyres has very serious safety implications not just for you and your passengers but also for other road users.

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